The Bogemian-Czech crystal nail files have been around since 1991, with the first patent filed in Switzerland in 1942. Due to the longevity, functionality, and overall health benefit of the product, the crystal manicure files have won many awards in the cosmetics and beauty categories.

All of our products are sold with a money back guarantee, and various sizes come with a protective tube for protection when traveling.


There are several types of files offered:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Professional
  • Travel-Size Footscraper
  • Jumbo-Size Footscraper
  • Manicure Stick

The Small files, 3.5 inches, and Medium files, 5.5 inches, are engineered and designed to be used as manicure or pedicure files.

The Professional file, 7.5 inches, is more coarse than the Small and Medium files, but not as coarse as the Travel-Size and Jumbo-Size footscrapers. It's recommended to be used for dry skin or callous removal. Professional files also work well on dog nails. If you want to avoid cutting or clipping your pet's nails, the Professional files will not disappoint.

The Travel-Size and Jumbo-Size footscrapers are very coarse, and are meant to be used for callouses.

The Manicure Stick, 3.5 inches, is shaped like a small pen, with the lower half etched. Its purpose is to push the cuticles in. The etched area of the manicure stick is used to file away the exposed film. The production of the Manicure Stick is limited, please inquire for availability.

The crystal manicure files are extremely efficient. They can be used with back and forth strokes. They file and instantly seal the edges of your nail, preventing splitting, cracking or chipping. Due to their quality and longevity, they easily become a cost-effective investment. They also work great on soft baby nails, natural nails and synthetic nails such as gel, acrylic or various overlays.


The crystal files can be washed, and if shared with other people, it is recommended to sanitize them.

For natural nails:

Wash with water, or any dishwasher detergent if desired.

For synthetic, artificial, gel, acrylic or overlay nails:

You may use the file while it's wet. This will allow faster filing and cleaning. Use warm water and dishwasher detergent to clean the file. An old toothbrush can be used to clean the filing surface as well.