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The Bohemian-Czech crystal nail files have been around since 1991, with the first patent filed in Switzerland in 1942. Due to the longevity, functionality, and overall health benefit of the product, the crystal manicure files have won many awards in the cosmetics and beauty categories. The filing surface is guaranteed not to wear out, unlike imitation files made elsewhere than the Czech Republic.

Every Small and Medium file includes a complimentary protective carrying tube.

There are several types of files offered:

  • Small - $8

  • Medium - $10

  • Utility File - $15

  • Professional - $18

  • Mini Spa-Bar - $17

  • Spa-Bar - $20

The Small file—3.5 inches—is engineered and designed to be used on finger nails. The size is typically used for carrying in the purse, handbag, and/or car (of course don’t forget the boat!). This file can be used instead of a clipper. Both sides can be used for filing, smooth enough to create an addiction to filing, and an efficient design to be used on all type of nails, including natural and synthetic/gel/acrylic overlays. Once this file is used, it will be hard to go back to flimsy standard files.

The Medium file—5.5 inches—is engineered and designed to be used as a manicure file just like the small file, but is considered more of a standard size file. The benefits are the same as the small file, just with a longer surface to use.

The small & medium manicure files are extremely efficient. They can be used with back and forth strokes. Filing with them instantly sealing the edges of your nail, preventing splitting, cracking or chipping. Due to their quality and longevity, they easily become a cost-effective investment, helping our environment too.

We have been told to suggest to our customers that all grandparents should be found carrying around a small or medium file, as they work great on baby nails. Never mind that men love this file too, and are often found stealing, I mean borrowing from their wives (or is it the wife that is borrowing from the husband…). Seems one will never truly know all the little hidden secrets of this truly amazing file!

The Utility File has smooth surface similar to the medium file, and is just twice the size and slightly thicker. Either side of the file performs similarly. Men have asked for a new design and we worked hard adding the perfect touch. For anyone interested in a wider surface finger nail file—which can also be used on toe nails—the utility file is for you. Just like most of our products, our files can be used for other things too. How about a handy utility file for scrap booking?!

The Professional file is designed to have one coarse side and one smoother side. This file has a longer grip for easier use on toe nails and pet nails, including removing rough callouses on one’s hands or feet. It is a very handy product that even woodcarvers and jewelry workers love to use too!

The Mini Spa-Bar is designed to be a very versatile product. One side is designed with an in-between coarseness, while the other side has a tri-cut effect specifically designed to start out smooth leading to coarser and coarser surface. While the professional file has one side just coarse the spa-bar is made to provide more versatility, allowing all sides to be used for most skin care related issues. For callouses, the coarser side is used first, while the smoother surface is used at the end, allowing for a smooth finishing touch to the heels. We recommend the heel to be moist when using the professional coarser side, the mini spa-bar or regular spa-bar coarse side, for a more effective use. Yes, this can be used also on pet nails, and toe nails. The Mini Spa-Bar is an easier travel size option, or a smaller size option for those that would prefer it.

The Spa-Bar is designed similarly as the Mini Spa-Bar, having one side with an in-between coarseness with the other side having a graduated tri-cut design leading from smooth to coarse to coarser. The Mini Spa-Bar and Spa-Bar are different in size but function similarly.

General File Maintenance:

The crystal files can be washed and reused, allowing the product to be environmentally friendly and producing less waste in our landfills!

For natural nails:

Wash thoroughly with warm water, and can use any soft soap or dishwasher detergent. The file does not need to be washed every time to be effective. Eventually there will be a build up (some have experienced this over eight years). Although we do not recommend waiting eight years to wash your file, washing it every time is not required.

For synthetic, artificial, gel, acrylic or overlay nails:

The file can be used regularly while dry, or can be made wet first. Using the file while its wet allows for faster filing. Use warm water and soft soap or dishwasher detergent to clean the file, just like normal use. A soft toothbrush can be used to clean the filing surface as well. We do recommend washing the file more often after using it on any type of overlay synthetic/gel nails. The material can be harsh on the surface of the nail file and best to be washed immediately.

All of our products are sold with a money back guarantee. The etching is guaranteed not to wear out, however please avoid dropping them on hard surfaces as the crystal glass can chip or shatter. The small & medium files come with a special tube at no extra charge for this very reason, and to protect the product when carrying around or traveling. The utility, professional, or spa-bar are generally kept handy at home so no extra carrying case is provided other than the included sleeve. (If these files are kept in the bathroom, please have it handy in a secure basket to prevent it from sliding onto the floor).

The files are a practical and very usable gift for any occasion, not just Christmas. Teacher gifts, wedding gifts, baby showers…or just a gift to yourself!

Shipping Information:

Shipping cost is for deliveries within the continental United States. We do not ship outside of United States. First Class Mail is a flat $3.50 per order.

Although we strive to ship orders as soon as possible, we regularly attend Arts and crafts Festivals. The packages are generally shipped within a few days, but can take from 7-14 days during a busy time.

The Christmas season tends to be a busy time for us. After the 1st weekend of December, we may offer an expedited USPS shipping option in line with the rates offered by USPS. We recommend placing your orders early, as we tend to get very busy. Our specials are offered year round and can be found on our “Specials” page.

For further questions or inquiries see our contact link, or reach us at: 847-609-3474 (texts are welcome too), or email us at: sales@twocrafters.c