For every 5 files purchased (any size), a Medium file will be included for free. A design will be selected by us, to match or be similar to the 5 choices chosen. For example, if a flower theme is chosen, another flower pattern will be added after 5 files are purchased.

All sets, with the exception of the Duo Plus 1 set, will come with an additional small file for free. The design will match the set selected. For example, a professional set will include: a professional file, medium file, and a small file, plus an additional free small file, if chosen as a set at check out.

The Duo set will include a small file as part of the $30 package, not an additional small file. The $30 package set will include: a utility file, medium file and a small file.

The Mega Set will come with an additional medium file free instead of a small file. The Mega Set includes a small, medium, utility file, mini spabar, spabar, and a professional file, plus an additional medium file for free matching the selected design.

Set specials are separate and cannot be combined as part of the buy 5 any size files, get one medium free. However, should an order consist of a set purchase and 5 files of of any size, a small free file will be included for the set and a medium file for 5 files ordered of any size, honoring our specials.